Cross Contamination (Brief)

cross contamination


There are usually 3 main types of food contamination:


Microbial physical chemist



But there is also additional contamination caused by microbial contamination called

cross contamination



You may be wondering what is cross-contamination?

Quite simply, it is contamination that occurs due to the wrong handling of food in the use of:

cooking utensils - ocean food - frequent circulation 



Usually, those who do not have sufficient experience and knowledge in this matter have wrong practices that lead to food contamination, which in turn has a risk of food poisoning.



To make it more clear

Suppose someone uses the same knife and cutting board  To prepare and cook all kinds of food

Animal source or Vegetable source



The danger here is transferring microbes from meat to vegetable prepared with the same knife and cutting board.


Simply because we usually cook meat at high temperatures for a period of time sufficient to kill the microbes it contains.
As the transmission of microbes from meat to plants contaminates it, which may expose us to food poisoning.
making eating it dangerous to health.



But often we don't cook plant foods like salads


Also, if we cook plant foods, we rarely cook them at high temperatures and for a sufficient period of time to get the same result in killing microbes, because often many plant foods will spoil their texture and will not be acceptable in taste and texture for most people.


At the same time, you might think that cleaning cooking utensils with soap and water may be enough to kill the microbes they contain, but this is actually not enough to kill the microbes in them!!!


Therefore, we must use a knife and cutting board dedicated to both vegetable and meat foods and keep these tools at a sufficient distance from each other, and this includes all food tools that are used jointly in preparing and cooking foods that are not exposed to high heat for a sufficient period of time.


Cooked - seafood - red meat - poultry


Dairy - Bakery - Vegetarian


The same applies to the washbasin that is used to wash vegetable and meat foods.


But if there is only one basin, the solution is very simple, which is to fill the basin with hot water at a temperature of 100 degrees Celsius for at least half an hour to make sure that most of the microbes are killed.


The same also applies to food handling, where it is necessary to change gloves and wash hands well with hot water in the correct way


This was a brief explanation of cross-contamination, we hope you liked it

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