(Normal Diet)



What are the components of this system?

This system consists of 80% to 90% of plant sources.


And 20% to 10% from animal sources


  and This is what makes it the best diet


But why?



Because your dependence on plant foods in your diet helps you to get your daily need of vitamins and minerals from natural food sources.



In addition to containing dietary fiber
Which in turn maintains the health of the digestive system



These nutrients are better found in plant foods, not animals



So what does implementing this diet look like?


Here's a simple example:

You can start your day with a breakfast containing waterand any fruit


(The amount of fruit depends on your goal, is it a healthy lifestyle, weight reduction, or gain)



Then you start with the second main meal, which is one of the two meals


Either lunch or dinner

So you will only have two main meals per day

Breakfast and Lunch


Breakfast and Dinner


And if you want to have a snack

You can rely on fruit or yogurt   as a suitable option!



You may be wondering in your mind why fruits and not vegetables?

Not all vegetables have the same efficiency as fruits, and the matter is related to the difference in the amount of sugar, which will give you great energy to carry out your daily activities




As for a snack, you can eat carrots  , cucumbers  or salads without adding sauces to them



After following this pattern for the first month, you will notice great activity, stamina, and vitality that you did not feel before


This is due to compensating for the missing vitamins and minerals by eating them from natural foods



And do not forget the effectiveness of fiber  on your digestive system  which in turn causes you great comfort away from lethargy, pain, and fatigue



We hope it was an exciting and useful read


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