Terms and Conditions

First: The store aims to provide the best quality for all its physical or physical products.


Second: It is not acceptable to return foodstuffs by food safety guidelines (food hygiene), as Healthy Nutrition ensures that the best food practices are followed to manufacture its products with the highest standards of quality and food safety to ensure that its products are free of potential and non-contaminants as much as possible by the best available means in this era.


Third: In the event of a desire to return or exchange non-food products, their cover and the special shipping cover must not be opened. The first freight value is deducted for delivering the product to the customer, the second for receiving the product from the customer, and the third for delivering the product to the customer in case of exchange. An additional invoice is issued if the cost exceeds the product's value. To be paid by the customer.


Fourth: A request to return or replace the product/s must be submitted within a period not exceeding seven days from the date of receipt via the following e-mail: (Support@healthynutrition.me) with all the details required for the speed and accuracy of completion by Healthy Nutrition.


Fifth: If it is approved to return or replace the product with a financial surplus from the replacement, the money due will be transferred within 14 days to the customer’s bank account.


Sixth: About service products (consultations, training, education, etc.), if a refund is desired, it is required that a request for that be submitted 48 hours before the appointment time to refund the total amount paid within 21 days from the date of submitting the request to the support mail: (Support@healthynutrition .me).


Seventh: If the application is submitted after 48 hours, the costs of preparing and supplying the service, estimated at 20% of the basic cost, will be deducted.


Eighth: About in-kind (tangible) products, if you want to cancel the order, you must inform us within 12 hours of the time and date of purchase so that it is not sent to the shipping company. Retrieve it.


Ninth: The basic product delivery time is from one day to five working days. If there is any delay due to circumstances beyond their control, the customer will be informed of the estimated time for the product to reach him.


Tenth: Regarding the services provided, Healthy Nutrition has the right to cancel the service and return the amount paid to the customer if it cannot provide the service as it should.


Eleventh: Storage instructions for food products must be followed as shown on the packaging, and if they are not followed, Healthy Nutrition is not responsible for any problems, damages, or abuses from or to the product to users and others.


Twelfth: You must follow the washing instructions shown on the clothing/fashion products of Healthy Nutrition.


Thirteenth: All customer information, such as the full address, e-mail, phone number, and full name, must be filled in correctly and completely so we can communicate with him easily and easily. If a product is purchased and this data has not been added, the product will be suspended and delivered until the required data is completed.


Fourteenth: Healthy Nutrition can waive any of its conditions and provisions if it deems that at any time. If this happens, it facilitates a procedure or process to preserve the customer while preserving all its rights to document all messages and documents between the customer and use it as it is of interest in any place and time.

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